The History

The game of Baseball was introduced to the country in the mid eighties. Former Minister Hon. Festus Perera was instrumental in getting the US Embassy to introduce the game to Sri Lanka. Ms. Lee Ann Ross, a dynamic lady from the US Embassy took the task upon her to put-up the foundation for Baseball to be established in Sri Lanka.

American Baseball coach Jim Dimick was the first official coach to teach the game to the players. They formed four teams to learn the game and they were the Sri Lanka Air force, Shakthi Baseball Club, Gold Fish Baseball Club and Royal College. At the beginning the staff of the US Embassy played friendly Baseball Games with the local teams at Havelock Park, Colombo.

First ever Baseball tournament was played in 1995 and during the period of 24 years, Sri Lanka achieved many milestones. During the early period, US Baseball players of the famous US war ship KITI HAWK played 02 games with the local teams at Army Grounds, Colombo.

Junior Baseball players from Japanese Nankue Baseball Federation toured Sri Lanka and played games in Colombo and Kandy. They toured Sri Lanka twice and Junior Baseball players from Sri Lanka toured Japan twice to play the games in Tokyo and Chiba. Six junior players of Sri Lanka were fortunate to take part in the 1992 World Children’s Baseball Fair which was held in Japan.

Sri Lanka, being a new comer to the game, managed to secure a position to compete in the first ever Asian Baseball Cup, which was held in Philippines in 1995.

Sri Lanka have competed in five Asia Cup tournaments and our teams registered an international win in all the other occasions and in 2009 won the Bronze medal.