BFA Website

2013-08-08 admin 0

Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA) has launched it’s web site at the last executive committee meeting held in Chinese Taipei. Please visit the site –  […]

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BFA Election

2013-04-16 admin 0

Election of office Bearers of Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA) for next four year period was held on 13th April 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. Mr.Tom […]

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5th Year Remembrance

2013-02-02 admin 0

{gallery}plugins/content/sige/rememberance,root=1,iptc=1,gap_h=30,width=500{/gallery} Sunday 3rd February 2008, the clock of the Colombo fort railway station had stopped at 2.10p.m due to female suicide bomber blew herself at […]