Team Bangladesh watched their game slip away from them when they played Pakistan on Day 2 of the West Asia Baseball Cup 2019. With the team giving Pakistan an early lead, they couldn’t recover from a 17-0 loss. Pakistan starter Sumair Zawar started the blitz of runs with a single in the first inning followed by Sadiq Alzidi, a sacrifice fly by Bhatti, a single by Rafi and ended with a single by Amin Afridi.
The Bangladesh team struggled to put runs on the board and their bad defence didn’t help them in containing Pakistan’s 17 runs.
In the first inning, Pakistan got their offense started. Sadiq Afridi singled on a 3-1 count, scoring two runs.
One bright spot for Bangladesh was a single by Rafique Choudhury in the fourth inning.
Taimoor Javed was the winning pitcher for Pakistan. He went two innings, allowing zero runs on zero hits, striking out four and walking one. Arshad Mehmood, Muhammad Anaydullah, and Muhammad Usman all put in work in relief out of the bullpen, steering their team towards the victory.
Md. Abdus Chowdhury took the loss for Bangladesh allowing ten runs in seven hit in three innings. This topped with a defence that this new team is definitely looking to improve generated further runs from Pakistan.
Md Salman Farsi and Choudhury each managed one hit to lead Bangladesh.
Starter Zawar led Pakistan with two hits in five at bat. This sure-handed team has appeared confident in this tournament and has yet to commit errors. M Abdullah had the most chances in the field with eight and the team tore up the base paths as six players stole at least two bases. Alzidi led the way with four.
With a 15 run gap in the scores at the end of the 5th innings the game was called and Pakistan remain undefeated.